backyard decorating ideasHaving beautiful patio furniture is only the first step (although, a crucial step) into transforming your backyard into a wonderful and inviting outdoor space. To complete the transformation you will need to put a little thought into how you arrange your furniture and some of the finishing touches with decorations.

Fortunately for you, we’ve taken the entire thought process out of the equation by providing you with three easy-to-use ideas that will transform your backyard.

Idea #1: Create a Spot to Gather

I know, this sounds obvious right? All too often I see patios where the furniture looks like it was just placed at random when they first bought it and then never decided to move it afterwards. I can’t argue that it certainly gets the job done, if you’re only worried about having a place to sit. However, it’s not very inviting.

The solution is to create a focal point that your furniture surrounds -- that way people naturally gravitate to that area and it feels warm and inviting.

Popular “focal points” to gather around are:

  • Fire pit

  • Chimney

  • Coffee table

  • Ottoman

  • Small fish pond

The options are endless. Don’t be afraid to get creative with plants or statues either.

Idea #2: Use Trees to Provide Light

Trees look great during the day and they provide a nice cool shade, but when the sun goes down they are often ignored. You can change that by hanging lights from your trees to create a fairy-tale vibe, while adding some useful light to your patio.

There are plenty of ways to get creative with this. I suggest scrolling through Pinterest to get some inspiration. Some of my favorites are christmas lights, candles inside mason jars, lanterns, and string lights.

Idea #3: Create a Fun Space for Outdoor Games

You’re never too old to play in the backyard! Whether you spend most of the time on your patio with family or you prefer to entertain guests -- every patio can benefit from a fun game area.

Popular outdoor games include:

  • Life-size checkerboard

  • Horse shoes

  • Ping pong

  • Bag toss

  • Croquet

And there’s plenty more!