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Having an outdoor patio brunch is a great excuse to have people over to enjoy your new patio furniture.

Brunches can be as casual or formal as you choose, so long as you are clear on the invitation.

Here are three fun ways to spruce up your brunch and make it the event that is talked about for years to come.

1. Choose a Theme for your Brunch

When you include a theme with your brunch, you are asking people to be more invested and to become active participants in the event.

Your theme can be to have everyone simply dress up in certain attire or the theme can extend to the types of foods and beverages that will be served.

Some examples of dress up themes include: 50’s style, 80’s garb or even wear your favorite sports team t-shirt or dress as your favorite movie character.

Food themes can be especially fun if you are asking your guests to bring dishes. You can ask each person to bring their favorite brunch food or even have a quiche bake off.

You can also ask friends to cook a family favorite to incorporate their own traditions.

A good theme can also help you decorate your space in a cool, unique way.

2. Have the Event Catered

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to both host and prepare the food yourself.

By asking a local restaurant to cater the event, you can introduce your guests to one of your favorite hidden treasures, while taking a lot of the stress off of yourself.

Often, smaller local restaurants will happily supply you with coupons and other incentives to use their services. Don’t be afraid to ask.

3. Invite a DJ or Karaoke Company to Provide the Entertainment

Depending on the type of friends you are inviting, either asking a DJ to bring his or her best hits or hiring a company that does karaoke events can create a fun, relaxed party atmosphere.

Most brunches tend to focus on food and conversation, but why not have music and laughter be the highlight?

Lighten the mood and pull off the afternoon party of the year.

Brunches are a great alternative to more formal evening events and can allow you to gather during the cool hours of the day in a less traditional way.

If you haven’t yet found your way to our showroom, stop on by and let us help you create the perfect outdoor atmosphere for your next event!