los angeles patio furniture drought friendlyBetween the never-ending drought and water restrictions throughout California, maintaining a beautiful yard is more challenging than ever. However, there’s still hope.

People have found many ways to create a yard that’s pleasing to the eye without putting a strain on your water usage. Of course, adding stylish patio furniture improves the aesthetics of any backyard, but today we’re going to focus strictly on the landscaping.

Xeriscaping (aka Zeroscaping)

Xeriscaping is a landscaping design method that’s perfect for creating a drought-friendly yard. The idea here is to create a beautiful landscape while also minimizing the use of water, fertilizers, and other chemicals as much as possible. You accomplish this by planting native plants that can survive with little water and by using a thoughtful strategy for watering and maximizing light exposure.

You can learn how to do xeriscaping in your yard here.

For xeriscaping to be most effective, you want to use plants that are native to your area. In our case, this is southern California.

The following are several plants native to SoCal:

  • Matilija Poppy

  • Lemonade Berry

  • Toyon

  • Hoary California Fuchsia

  • Shaw’s Agave


This is an approach to landscaping that we’re starting to see more and more, especially from our customers. This is where you do away with most or all of your grass and replace it with concrete, rocks, stones, or other similar materials.

One of the key elements to a successful hardscape is a focal point. Many of our customers have made their swimming pool or a fire pit the focal point of their backyard, surrounded by luxurious patio furniture to create a comfortable vibe.

Check out this article to learn more about hardscaping for your yard.

Turf Replacement

Some people just can’t get past the idea of not having grass in their yard. That’s completely understandable and there’s even a drought-friendly option for those people, as well.

Although nothing can replace a luscious lawn with nice, real grass -- unfortunately, that’s just not an option for most of us living in SoCal. However, the next best thing is turf replacement. It looks nice year round and you’ll never have to mow!

If you’ve never considered turf replacement before, you might be interested to know that that California offers a turf replacement rebate program to incentivise people to save water. Another benefit is that when you put patio furniture on turf, you never have to mow or weed-eat around it.