Irvine outdoor furniture1. There is plenty of work in both salary and hourly positions.

Irvine is a well planned community, in the last 40 years they have developed housing in the concepts of ‘villages’ with a park for every 1000 residents. The house and family income in Irvine ranges over $30,000 over the state median, and this is partially because there is a plethora of work options for all demographics. There are sections of the community that are all business parks that harbor hundreds of business ranging from manufacturing facilities to marketing firms. Not only does the city planning create a small mecca of well paying jobs in Irvine but it is delightfully sandwiched between Los Angeles and San Diego, two cities that house thousands of work opportunities and only lie an hour or so away. The placement and planning of Irvine has allowed it to continue to be a great place to live with a small commute for a young professional or couple looking to start a family. For those looking to acquire an hourly position Irvine, hourly wages are a whopping $10.82 per hour and if the employee is not offered health and benefits they must be add a “benefit factor” of $2.41 per hour, making an hourly position with out benefits guaranteed $13.23 per hour. Both a salary position in one of the many nearby business parks and an hourly position at a friendly and familiar nearby retailer are conducive with living in the fantastic city.

2. The weather is impeccable, always sunny and promoting fun times outdoors.

Southern California is known for it’s barrels of sunshine even in the Winter months. The weather is rarely anything but sunny and the cooler days generally don’t range below sixty degrees. For those looking to enjoy family time the weather is always supportive of hanging out in the backyard or patio and enjoying the dreamy weather. Finding the right durable patio furniture that can withstand the harsh sunlight is essential for an Irvine family, once that is taken care of the weather is perfect for enjoying meals outside and hosting friends. Weekends call for barbeques and sports games and the weather is fully conducive of an active lifestyle for young professionals and families alike. There are 20,000 acres of parks and preserves proper for mountain biking, hikes and morning runs. The historic Pacific Coast Highway only lies 10 miles away with a long stretch of beaches perfect for a day in the sand or a long, relaxing drive. If public transportation is necessary to get to these awesome locations, Irvine city is hub to an Amtrak train station that can deliver riders to and from gorgeous destinations up the California coast. Families of all ages will appreciate the amenities within Irvine and its perfect location for a short trip to engaging locales.

3. Irvine is one of the safest cities with fantastic schools and parks.

This diverse community is consistently ranked as one of the safest cities in the nation and has only one recorded violent crime per 2000 residents yearly. Their violent crime percentage is almost four whole points lower than the California median. It is a suitable place for anyone who wants to enjoy the acres of parks that it has to offer. Woodbridge area of Irvine alone houses five elementary schools, two middle schools and two high schools to educate their young population. These schools are not only bountiful in numbers but have high rankings on all major California public school ranking web pages. The test scores and teachers are fantastic and the high schools also harbor great athletic teams that sometimes lead to scholarships for team members. If one is looking to move forward to higher education there is a top ranking UC school right in the heart of Irvine city. University of California Irvine has produced alumni that have gone on to garner fame in the Arts and Media world as well as music and literature. In the Summer there are University programs for young writers, computer technicians and scientists which promotes the scholarly efforts of young minds in the area. Irvine is a safe and valuable community to those who are able to live in it. It houses wholesome entertainment at parks and local shops and also promotes premier levels of education in order to properly grow the community of tomorrow.