outdoor fireplaceThere are three main kinds of outdoor patio heaters we recommend you consider before purchasing.

Propane Heaters

Propane heaters come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of them look like perfect centerpieces for tabletops. They come in bronze, silver and other metals. They tend to range in price from about below $100 to as much as $250, depending on the brand, style and size you choose. Most of them also come with an optional waterproof cover to protect them from the rain.

An advantage of choosing the propane option is that there is no clean up involved. You do however have to replace the propane once it runs out.

Outdoor Fireplaces

A beautiful outdoor fireplace can serve two purposes. Many of them are beautiful and ornate. They can even serve as the center of your outdoor space and look wonderful in the middle of your outdoor seating area.

Most outdoor fireplaces use wood. They are often made of cast iron and tend to be quite heavy and larger in size. Unlike propane heaters, these fireplaces tends to remain on the ground, where as some propane heaters can often be used as tabletop heaters.

They range in price from about $80 to almost $400, depending on the brand, size and materials used.

An advantage of choosing an outdoor fireplace is that it is a natural source of heat and will provide additional light. You do however have to constantly restock your wood and clean out the fireplace very regularly.

Electric Heaters

An electric heater will need to be close enough to an outlet to run on electricity. Some of these are also not waterproof and therefore must remain covered

 These tend to range in price from $60 to $150.

While some of these must be mounted, there are a few brands that make electric tabletop heaters with covers to protect them from the rain.

An advantage of choosing the electric heater is that you only need to plug it in to make it work. You can always be assured to have heat, as long as you have electricity. However, you must have your electric heater plugged into an outlet and keep it from getting wet.

We hope this has helped you see how to easily heat up your outdoor space and create an environment to be enjoyed year round.