5 Ways To Decorate Your Yard Perfectly for Spring 

Spring Patio Furniture

With a new season comes the excitement of new fashions, a change in weather and a new spin on the motif of your home. Springtime is rolling in and now is the time to create a fun, relaxing oasis in your yard as it heats up outside. There are some key components to an inviting outdoor area.


  1. 1.     Keep It Shady

This time of the year is always nice because it combines the cool, breezy nights with sometimes Summer-esque day temperatures. If you want to have guests over or just relax by yourself during the days definitely put up a source of shade outside. There are some great options for purchasing an outdoor shade cover or you can get one installed to match your personal tastes. You and your guests will appreciate some relief from the harsh UV rays and high temperatures while lounging in the shade.

  1. 2.   Stay Hydrated

Hanging out in the sunshine can definitely make you thirsty. For these occasions of enjoying the Springtime rays build a bar or purchase a moveable drink tray for your outdoor space. Obviously building a bar is more of an investment but that is the option to allow your own spin on what style it will be built in. However a rolling drink tray is a classy option as well. You have the ability to offer an assortment of beverages for guests or even just keep a pitcher of water or iced tea handy while you read a book.

  1. 3.   Lounge in Comfort

It doesn’t matter what kind of scenery or ambience is set, if the furniture isn’t comfortable you can’t enjoy it to the fullest. If you have been putting off investing in good patio furniture, Spring is the time. There are some awesome options for UV protected loungers and modular furniture that allows you the ability to feng shui according to the event. Grab comfy furniture to entice visitors to relax with you on a Saturday afternoon or give yourself the perfect chair for watching the sunset with a glass of wine.

  1. 4.   Make the Colors Seasonal

Gone is the dramatic, dark color palette of Winter! Flood your garden and patio with the delicate, airy colors of Springtime. If you are a gardener pot some flowers that warm your space with the inviting seasonal palette. If you don’t garden think about placing some vases of freshly cut flowers in your space. Throw pillows are another great way to change the color scheme, shop some sales for good outdoor throw pillows that give your yard that Spring feel.

  1. 5.    Light It Dreamily

The lighting of a backyard is a great science, sometimes it is too dark but you don’t want to spotlight the area. As we usher in the new season make the lighting soft by utilizing paper lanterns and candles. Hanging paper lanterns light a space with a dream-like glow which is perfect for breezy Springtime evenings. Candles are also great for lighting and they can be used to keep bugs at bay. If you’re worried about the flame check out some wickless, battery operated candles.