thanksgiving outdoorsSetting your Thanksgiving table outdoors is a fantastic way to reconnect with nature while enjoying quality time with your loved ones over a big meal. There are some important aspects to enjoying the perfect outdoor holiday in any location.

1. Get an outdoor dining table fit for a feast.

The first act of giving life to any empty space is to find the perfect outdoor furniture pieces to inhabit the area you are decorating. For your yard or deck there are certain aspects to consider as the furniture you purchase will experience the natural elements and need to withstand sunshine, wind and rain.

Find a table that that is made from treated teak or wicker seats the amount of people you are hosting before making any big purchases. Modular furniture is a fantastic new craze in the outdoor furniture industry and is a fantastic choice for those who entertain on their decks and patios. Modular furniture is able to be moved around into different arrangements and could be used to create the perfect place to hang out after indulging in turkey and mashed potatoes with your guests.

2. Use natural, Fall decorations.

Fall is a season of changing leaves and gorgeous visual accents provided by mother nature herself. Use natural decorations such as gourds, pumpkins and dried leaves to design an outdoor landscape in your yard that inspires the feelings of the season. You can use the leaves and pinecones found in your very own yard to create centerpieces and garlands or go to your local craft store to find any faux pieces that do not grow naturally in your area.

Accent these rustic, warm colored ornaments around your yard with a simple table setting comprised of white plates and classic stemware. To really emphasize the color palette of Fall a simple burlap runner would be a great addition to your tablescape.

Tons of DIY decoration ideas:

3. Garnish the space with intimate lighting.

One of my most cherished Thanksgiving moments is enjoying a meal with your family and friends as the Fall sun sets and the crisp night air moves in, it almost represents the transitional feelings of the season itself. Set up intimate, soft lighting around your outdoor space to embody this feeling of togetherness and inspire a pleasant space to enjoy your holiday.

Hanging paper lanterns is a quick and easy way to light a space subtly and lanterns can be purchased from most retail stores. It is definitely wise to place candles around your tablescape that deter bugs, just in case any pesky insects try to crash your party and get into your food. If you are looking to decorate with a rustic feel there are great do it yourself directions for  lamps made only from a common mason jar and a tea light. These homemade lanterns are simple and easy to make and can adorn your table and be hung by fishing wire from your patio cover or trees.

How to make a mason jar lantern Video:

4. Keep it warm and cozy.

Thanksgiving is nestled right in that time of the year when the weather gets brisk and reminds you that Winter is now rapidly approaching. If you are going to host and outdoor Thanksgiving feast make sure the keep your guests warm with a couple of easy options. Having a fire pit is a great way to ensure that everyone is at a nice temperature and also is perfect for sitting around and talking while you digest your meal. If you don’t have a firepit or can’t have fires on your property investing in an outdoor heater could be a great option and a good investment into the Winter months. These are the more expensive ways to heat your guests up, if nothing else have a basket of blankets or warm sweaters nearby to offer your family and friends if they need to keep warm during the brisk November evening.

Firepit options:

5. Be prepared for any changes to your outdoor plan.

The best way to have the perfect outdoor Thanksgiving is to not expect it to go perfectly. You can never predict the weather but you can be prepared for anything, rain or shine. If you don’t have a patio cover in your yard or over your dining table outside look into temporary shelter or tarps. Although it does add an initial cost you can use them in the future for picnics and camping. If you live in a windier locale look into the wind direction and create a cover for your table that will keep your decorations from flying away as well as keeping your guests comfortable.

Look up the weather in your area and keep checking for any changes in the forecast, knowing all possibilities for changes in the weather can keep you from any possible disasters such as a rainstorm hitting as you carve the turkey.

Follow these five simple steps and you have the perfect strategy for being the hostess with the most at this year’s Thanksgiving bash. Enjoy the Fall weather and Thanksgiving meal simultaneously this year by setting your table outside and it will surely be a meal to remember.

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