messy backyard in autumnFall is officially here! With the new season comes a new to-do list for your home and yard. Are these essential backyard tasks on your to-do list this fall?

Fertilize Your Lawn

 Fall is the perfect time to fertilize your yard. The nutrients found in fertilizer give your lawn the roots it needs to grow beautiful, thick grass for next spring. You can buy your choice of lawn fertilizer, as long as you pay attention to the square feet coverage you’re getting. Spread on your lawn in mid-to-late fall using a broadcast sprayer or a walk-behind spreader.

Patio Furniture Deep Cleaning

 Probably on your to-do list every couple of months, a good deep cleaning is a necessity for the fall. When you’re thinking of gutter cleanings and pressure washing for the house, make sure to include a deep clean of all your patio furniture. While not all patio furniture material can be cleaned using the same products are methods, in general, a gentle soap and warm water with a soft bristle brush are your safest bet.

Deck Repair

It’s that time of year to re-seal and re-stain your deck! If this is your first year doing deck maintenance, familiarize yourself with the different products used to protect and enhance your deck. You can either preserve your deck’s natural color and wood grain, or you can use a stain that will alter the color of the wood but not cover the grain. Regardless of your choice, the goal is to ensure your deck is protected from harsh weather elements and will stand up against cracking or splitting.