With the kids out of school and summer in full swing, the whole family will likely want to take advantage of the extra time together--and the sunshine, too! You don’t have to go far to have family fun this summer. Look no further than your own backyard.

Here are some fun activities your kids can do in the backyard this summer while you relax in your luxury patio furniture sipping a cool drink.


1. Water Gun Wars

Fun for all ages, a water gun war is sure to get everyone active. So grab your fave water gun, load up, and sneak around the backyard together.Great for being on teams or not, a water gun war in your own backyard will have everyone serving up their best stealth moves.


2. Tarp Splash Pad

Create your own backyard splash pad using a tarp and a water hose. Place the tarp underneath your swing set slide for double the splash fun. The hose will keep everything cool and slippery while kids slide and stomp in the puddles.


3. Backyard Twister

A do-it-yourself twister board using your own backyard as the mat is a perfect way to make a giant-sized twister game for any size group! Using marking spray (found with spray paint, but not harmful to your lawn) to create the circles, you can shape them for smaller hands, if necessary.


4. Obstacle Course

A creative obstacle course is a perfect way to enjoy summertime fun in your backyard, using whatever you have at your disposal already. Inflatable pool toys and pool noodles, tires, ladders, buckets, ropes--whatever you have in reach, get creative with it!