luxury patio furniture southern californiaThe California drought has plagued SoCal for years and is showing no sign of going away anytime soon. That means a lot of us are stuck with yards that have little to no grass. However, that doesn’t mean your yard has to suffer completely just because you don’t have a lawn anymore.

What your yard needs is a nice set of patio furniture to help you forget that your lawn ever existed. You might not be able to enjoy the feeling of grass between your toes, but you can perk your legs up on a soft ottoman or kick back on a sofa and enjoy the breeze.

Patio Furniture Creates a Focal Point

Patio furniture is the perfect tool to create a focal point in your backyard. By directing your (and your visitors’) eyes on a specific area, it keeps you from staring at your dry or dead grass.

Here are several ways to create a focal point with patio furniture:

  • Create a nice outdoor dining area

  • Arrange a comfortable lounge surrounding an outdoor fireplace or fire pit

  • Keep everyone around the pool by adding poolside chairs and side tables

  • Create a fun gathering place for the family with sofas and a coffee table

Patio Furniture Controls the Vibe of Your Backyard

An empty backyard with barely-living agriculture doesn’t create the most welcoming atmosphere. However, a great set of patio furniture can turn things around in a heartbeat.

All you need is good company and a comfortable spot for everyone to relax to create a fun and inviting vibe for you backyard. Depending on what kind of vibe you’d like to set, we have a style of furniture to match.

The California drought doesn’t ruin your ability to enjoy your backyard, it just requires a little creativity and an open mind. Plus, the right patio furniture can only benefit any yard it's placed in.