high heat and patio furnitureOne of the best things about living in SoCal is the abundance of fresh sunshine and warm weather.

Fortunately it doesn’t usually get too hot, but we certainly have our days. One of the concerns that our customers often ask is about the heat and their patio furniture.

Can Extreme Heat Damage My Patio Furniture?

All patio furniture is designed for outdoor use and to withstand the elements to some degree.

However, some materials are more weather resistant than other materials. In general, most patio furniture can withstand extreme heat with no problem at all.

There are some weather resistant plastic furniture can last for years and provide an option for those who are on a tight budget. Some types of wood furniture are more resistant to rot, water, and sun damage than others, but wood requires more maintenance than manufactured materials.

Synthetic wicker is a popular choice as it is weather-resistant. Wicker furniture made from natural fibers may not be as hardy as synthetics. All of our wicker furniture is made with all-weather wicker and the metal parts are all powder-coated to ensure that the furniture can endure any of the harsh weather elements that mother nature throws at it.

Metal is the longest-lasting and most durable material for patio furniture. While they do require care to prevent rust and corrosion, wrought iron pieces can last for decades. Wrought iron furniture can be left outdoors year-round, provided it is cared for properly. If you’re concerned with extreme heat, you should be sure to have cushions on your wrought iron furniture at all times because they will get hot.

Similarly, treated aluminum is exceptionally weather resistant. Aluminum will not fade or rust, especially if it has been coated with a powder-coat finish like all of our collections have. It requires less maintenance than steel or wrought iron and is significantly lighter and easier to move. It also remains cooler in the sun.

Aluminum patio sets can be cleaned with soapy water, and applying a layer of car wax will help to keep aluminum look as good as new. Aluminum is also corrosion resistant and can survive outside for extended periods.