At Victory Furniture we are proud to offer furniture collections that balance style, function, and durability. Purchasing outdoor furniture is an investment in your patio or backyard and you should expect to enjoy that investment for years to come. You won’t find any low quality furniture that has to be tossed out after one season around here.

Outdoor steel furniture pieces are very durable and will last a lifetime when maintained properly. And the good news is that maintaining them isn’t difficult either. Most steel outdoor furniture is finished with paint, varnish, or powder coating to prevent rust. Below are some simple tips you can follow to clean and maintain your steel outdoor furniture.

How to Clean Steel Furniture

It’s best to clean steel furniture with a sponge or a cloth using warm water and a mild cleaning solution. Afterwards, simply wipe the furniture down until it’s dry. Avoid using abrasive scrubber or harsh cleaning chemicals because they can scratch the finish which could expose the metal to moisture and increase the chances of rust forming. For dirt that is stuck on the furniture really well, you can use a multi-purpose cleaner or window cleaner.

Be sure to always keep an eye out for scratches or any signs of rust when cleaning, especially near the joints in the furniture. If you notice any scratches, apply some touch-up paint to the area to prevent rust from forming. If you notice any rust or mold, sand the area lightly by hand using a fine sandpaper and apply a rust-proof touch-up paint to the affected area. To remove oxidation from steel furniture, gently scrub a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water on the area.

How to Protect Steel Furniture

One of the easiest ways to protect your furniture is to buy covers for them. By keeping the furniture covered when not in use the exposure to weather elements is greatly reduced and you likely won’t have to clean the furniture very often at all. Another thing you can do is to store the furniture indoors during harsh weather seasons, although that isn’t typically a problem in SoCal.

Perhaps the most important thing around here is to wipe down the furniture after something gets spilled on it. Since patio furniture is outside we have a tendency to overlook minor spills, but over time those will add up and have a negative effect on the appearance.