wrought iron furnitureFurniture is more than decoration; It's an investment. And to protect that investment you have to do a little maintenance from time to time. Some furniture requires more care than others.

On the spectrum of easiest to most difficult, wrought iron falls right in the middle. It doesn't require a ton of maintenance, but you might have to use some elbow grease if you neglect it for several years.

Wrought iron is a great material for outdoor furniture. It has a unique look, it's strong, and has sturdy wind-resistance. When cared for properly, wrought iron furniture can last a lifetime.

While wrought iron is heavier than aluminum, it's more vulnerable to the elements in its natural state. It's becoming increasingly common to find wrought iron furniture that's powder coated.

However, most people have older wrought iron furniture pieces that haven't been powder coated and need a little extra care. This guide is going to help you figure out how to easily clean your furniture and how to handle any serious issues with rust.

How to Clean Wrought Iron Furniture

Cleaning wrought iron is simple and takes no time at all. Routine cleaning doesn't require any special chemicals or tools either.

First you want to get a bucket or spray bottle, whichever you prefer. Fill your chosen container with warm water.

Next you add a mild cleaner of your choice to the water. This can be dishwashing soap or an all-purpose cleaner. A vinegar solution works well for indoor furniture, but is probably too mild for most outdoor furniture.

Here's the mixing ratio you want to aim for:

  • Dishwashing soap - 1 tbsp to 1 qt of warm water
  • All-purpose cleaner - 1/4 cup to 1/2 gallon of warm water

Alright, you've got your cleaning solution. Now you need to remove any pillows or accessories from the furniture.

Simply soak a cloth or sponge and start scrubbing. Work in small areas at a time until all of the rust and dirt is removed. You will likely need to rinse and add more solution as you go.

If you're having trouble with rust, try using sandpaper or a wire brush. It might take a little effort, but you should be able to get all of the rust off with either of these.

Once you've removed everything, rinse all of the iron off and let it dry. It should look as good as new when you're all done!

Restoring Rusty Wrought Iron Furniture

If you haven't cleaned your wrought iron furniture in years it likely has some rust built up. Sometimes trying to clean it is more hassle than it's worth. It depends on the scenario.

For smaller areas where the bare metal has become exposed you can spray some rust-resistant primer on the area and it will likely blend right in and look fine. You can even spray the entire furniture piece and paint over it if you like.

For situations where the rust has taken over the bulk of the furniture, you're most likely going to be better off sandblasting the whole thing and having it powder coated. The good news is that when it's done it will look better than new.

That's it. Caring for wrought iron furniture is simple and easy, just be sure to give it a light scrub every season or two to avoid rust accumulation.