backyard vegetation and patio furniturePicking out furniture for your patio or deck? There are hundreds of ways to design the perfect backyard space for hangouts and family fun. One simple way is to look to the plants and flowers you already have in your backyard. You can choose patio furniture based on your vegetation!


Heat-Hardy Grasses and Tropicals - If you have these in your yard, consider a set made out of wood. Always a striking choice, the type of wood and stain can complement or contrast the vegetation to your liking. Wood is always a sound investment, if properly treated and stained. An additional point to consider: large sectional sofas or dining sets to allow for plenty of guests.

Colorful, Aromatic Blooms  - A wicker couch and table set looks stunning against a backdrop of beautiful flowers. Black wicker especially offsets the color of gerbera daisies and petunias. Wicker is versatile, but usually affordable. The wide array of designs and patterns for cushions also allows for further customization. Color coordinate with existing flowers or complement them with opposite colors.


Stoic Trees and Stout Bushes -  Tranquil sitting areas underneath shade trees or surrounded by hollies and leyland cypress is an elegant choice. Make a cozy reading nook using a couple of large, comfy outdoor chairs. If you’re feeling extra bold, create a small platform in the backyard using stepping stones or pavers to sit your chairs on. It looks gorgeous and adds character to your backyard.


Single succulents and container plants - Big, boxy club chairs or single seaters will accent your patio nicely if you’re known for having a variety of flowers, plants, and cacti potted all over the backyard. A couple of chairs and a small table creates an intimate setting for your plant-friendly patio.