1. Colored canned light jars.

colored light jars

These cool lights will bring in a cool modern feel to your patio or deck. This is a great way to add a splash of color or accent your patio furniture with some fun, bright colors.

Simply cover a canning jar in translucent glass paint and hang them from basic cord lights to create a beautiful splash of light and color.

Here’s How to Make Them

2. Paper Bag Lanterns

paper lanterns

These colorful paper lanterns are great for themed parties.

They are very easy to make and will turn any patio into a festive, party atmosphere.

Cut small slits in paper bags and put a string light in each bag.

Here’s How to Make Them

3. Recycled Wine Bottle Torch

recycled wine bottle torch

This is our favorite lighting fixture we found.

While this accent piece takes a little more time to create and mount, it is an awesome permanent feature that your guests will love.

With just a few pieces of hardware, you can turn this wine bottle into a cool decorative torch for your outdoor patio.

Here is How to make it

4. Tin Can Lanterns

tin can lanterns

The designs, colors and possibilities are endless with these super cool lanterns. They will add such character and personality to your patio.

You can also create new lanterns to match the season or special holidays. Make red and white ones with hearts for Valentine’s Days and poke holes in some green and red ones for Christmas.

Let these super cool lanterns change the mood and match the occasion.

Fill a tin can with water, freeze it, melt the ice and use a hammer and nail to create a cool design. Finish it up with some paint and a light.

Here is How to make it

5. Cupcake Lights

cupcake lights 

These cupcake lights are very fun and easy to make.

They can be used for any occasion, but would make a really neat addition for any birthday party you are hosting.

Simply cut a small x in the top of the cupcake liner. Secure it around a bulb in a string of lights.

Here is How to make it

If you find yourself struggling with decorating your patio, let us help you.

We have a designer ready to come to you and help you create the perfect outdoor patio atmosphere to compliment your home and your décor.