With much talk about the extraordinary quality of teak patio furniture or wicker patio furniture, you might think there isn’t a soul on earth who wouldn’t jump at the chance to buy it. However, there are many, who resist these products for whatever reason. Generally, resistors focus on buying cheaper furniture. Their reasons may not be entirely understandable, but they sound a little something like this:

Objection: “Wicker or teak? That stuff’s too expensive!”

Rebuttal: On the surface, you will likely spend more on wicker patio furniture or teak patio furniture of high quality and craftsmanship than you would on big box plastic offerings. While it may feel good to hold on to your money, it feels less exhilarating when the furniture sets tear up and you find yourself in need of another purchase the following year. Over time, the costs of wicker patio furniture or teak patio furniture go way down. The reason for this: they are products that can literally last for decades.

Objection: Wicker or teak can’t possibly hold up to the elements!

Rebuttal: While big box plastic furniture buyers will confess their product of choice is flimsy, they operate under the mistaken assumption that wicker patio furniture and teak patio furniture are just as destructible in harsh weather conditions. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Teak and other wood elements are from nature. They survive and even thrive in harsh environments. They will do just fine sitting on your back porch or patio, and most owners of these products will agree that there is little upkeep required over time to keep the same standards of beauty and quality in place.

Objection: Wicker or teak manufacturing sources can’t be trusted!

Rebuttal: While it may be true that some vendors out there make a living overcharging for inferior product, there are a variety of online locations and manufacturers that you can depend on. Wicker patio furniture and teak patio furniture have many enthusiasts from all over the world, and by using sites like VictoryFurniture, you can get the skinny on any manufacturer that you may have questions or concerns about.

While the arguments against wicker and teak are out there, the rebuttals are more powerful and the potential benefit that you will get from ignoring them and moving ahead with a purchase can last for all of your lifetime.