Especially in Southern California people spend a lot of time using their outdoor furniture in their backyard on the porches and by their pools year round.

However, outdoor furniture tends to be more expensive than indoor furniture for an extremely important reason.

Quality outdoor furniture is specifically made to withstand the elements.

Living in Southern California, you want to make sure you have very high quality outdoor furniture that will stand up year round to the sun, wind and other common visitors like El Nino.

There are some things you should be doing to maintain your furniture.

In order to fight the inevitable dirt, rot and rust there are some things you can do on a regular basis to will maintain the quality of your furniture for years to come.

Here are a few things to do to protect your furniture.

1. Clean your furniture on a regular basis.

 First, remove the upholstery and cushions.

 Clean your furniture in all those hard-to-reach areas to make sure you have no dirt, grime, or food build up in crevices which could be eventually cause the material to rot or grow mildew.

2. Inspect your furniture monthly.

 On a monthly basis you should remove the cushions and take a good look at your furniture.

 Flip your chairs and other pieces of furniture over to look underneath. Make sure there is not anything hiding in any of the corners or crevices.

If you have purchased your furniture from Victory Furniture, your furniture has a protective coat on it, but if suntan lotion, dirt, food particles or stagnant water should sit against the protective coat eventually it will wear through the protective coat which then can cause rot or rust.

3. Apply a protective coat to your furniture.

If you buy furniture that does not have a protective coat, you need to find a quality protective coat to apply to your furniture.

However, you want to make sure this coat is specifically designed for outdoor furniture. Not all protective codes are made equally, so you need to make sure you do your research. Choose one that will protect it from UV radiation and make your furniture water resistant or even water repellent.

However, if you have purchased our outdoor furniture, you will not need to apply any of these coats, as our outdoor furniture already comes with a very high quality coat that will last the life of your furniture.

4. Air wet cushions out.

The most common issue you must deal with is your cushions getting soaked by rain.

Should your cushions become wet, make sure to set the cushions at an angle to allow the water to run off of them and allow the sun to dry them.

You can also dry them in a well ventilated area if you want to avoid more sun exposure.

Lift them up so the water does not pool under the cushion, causing water damage on your wood furniture or rust on your metal furniture.

If you purchase our outdoor furniture, you will be able to easily dry the cushions. Our cushions have a water repellent coating, but when water does soak through, our cushions are specially designed to allow the water to run all the way through from one side to the other efficiently.

If you are aware that a big storm is approaching, it is always best to take your cushions and put them in a place in which they will not be subject to the elements.

Also, you can store your furniture to minimize damage. If possible you can store your outdoor furniture in a garage or out of direct contact from exposure to the sun or extreme weather like El Nino.