Living in California, we experience a pretty mild climate. Our temperatures tend to remain between the 50s and 80s year round, but we also experience a lot of sunshine, wind and rain.

Knowing how to care for your patio furniture cushions will help your furniture last longer, remain bright and vibrant and withstand the weather for years to come.

All of our furniture collections were specifically designed for outdoor living and all of our cushions are waterproof.

Our cushions are made specifically to handle lots of rain. They are created using reticulated foam and contain a Dacron core. They are then covered with a water resistant, but breathable inner layer and then are covered with an acrylic fabric that has been coated with a waterproofing agent. An example of these cushions can be seen in our Cloud collection and Wedge collection.

During the occasional heavy rainfall or spill when water or another liquid does penetrate the cover, the foam core allows the liquid to pass directly through the cushion and exit the underside.

The cushion covers can also be removed, but we only recommend doing this in extreme cases where thorough cleaning must take place or if you are replacing the covers.

We recommend using a soft sponge, mild soap and water to clean your cushions regularly to remove any dirt, food particles or other elements that may damage the fabric.

If your cushions become extremely wet, you can assist the drying process by simply laying them on a surface that will allow the water to escape on the underside. You can also prop them up and allow the sun to assist in the drying process.

Always allow your cushions to dry completely before storing them in a closed container to avoid mold growth.

To keep the colors vibrant and minimize exposure to the elements, we advise you keep your cushions covered or at least out of continuous direct sunlight when not in use. While our cushions do have UV rays protection, the best protection is to keep them from constant exposure to sun.

If you have any questions about caring for your furniture, don’t hesitate to call or stop in to talk with one of our highly trained professionals.

We are not just another outdoor furniture company, we your Southern California designer patio furniture experts.