Bamboo is an eco-friendly alternative to other furniture material. It is known for its strength, durability and smooth texture,

We pride ourselves on only selling the very highest quality furniture and bamboo is one of the materials we use.

While our furniture has been created withstand the Southern California climate, there are some steps you can take to help your outdoor patio last for years to come.

1. Dust Regularly

Using a dry cloth, simply remove any dust or dirt that may accumulate.

In our windy climate, dirt and dust can coat your furniture and can create micro abrasions in the protective coating, which can over time damage the integrity of the furniture.

2. Keep it in the Shade

In our year round sunny climate, this may seem like quite the challenge, but we recommend you cover all pieces of furniture if they receive direct exposure to the sun.

By covering your furniture, not only will you protect it from the effects of the sun and UV rays, you will also protect it from rain, dust and other debris.

3. Wash Occasionally with a Soft Cloth

Using just a few drops of mild dish soap and a soft cloth, simply wipe down your bamboo furniture. This will remove dirt, debris, skin oils and other matter that may over time erode the protective coating and affect the wood.

4. Dry Thoroughly

We experience a lot of rain in Southern California.

It is important to dry your bamboo furniture completely before using it.

Bamboo is a soft wood that can stretch and sag when it becomes excessively wet.

Drying it can be as simple as placing it in the sun for a short amount of time until the water has evaporated.

If it is only wet due to being cleaned with a moist cloth, simply use a soft, nonabrasive cloth today it.

5. Check Regularly for Rough Spots or Damage

If you notice a rough spot on your bamboo furniture, simply use fine grain sandpaper to carefully sand it away. Once you have sanded the spot, we recommend you then seal the area with a bit of paste wax.

By inspecting your furniture periodically, you can stay on top of little issues and save yourself from having to do big repairs in the future.

6. Polish with Recommended Oils

Linseed oil or flaxseed oil are both great to use to keep your bamboo furniture smooth and protected.

Simply use a soft, nonabrasive cotton cloth and a few drops of the oil. Shine the furniture and then wipe away any excess oil.

By using these simple tips we have given you, you can ensure that your bamboo furniture will last a long time.