cleaning outdoor chair cushionsWhen you buy your outdoor patio furniture from us at Victory Furniture, you are buying the highest quality furniture available.

All of our cushions are weatherproof and have been treated to repel both water and stains. While the protectorates we use are extremely effective, we still suggest you clean your cushions regularly to remove any particles that could damage the cushions over time.

We have a simple method we recommend you use to remove dirt, food, lotions and oils and other spills.

You should always test a small area that is not readily visible before you use any cleaners on your cushions.

Make sure you use a mild, nonabrasive cleaner and a soft cloth.

1. Remove Debris with a Soft Cloth

First, simply use a moist, soft cloth to remove any visible debris from the cushions.

2. Choose a Gentle, Safe Fabric Cleaner

Choose a mild soap that is specifically designed to be used on outdoor fabrics. Make sure it states that it is safe to use on dyed fabric.

3. Gently Rub the Soap onto the Cushions

Apply the soap on the cloth, as opposed to directly on the cushion itself. Then use a clean moist cloth to apply the gentle soap to the fabric.

Rub the fabric gently with a soft cloth to remove any discoloration or stains.

4. Remove the Soap

Using a clean, wet cloth, remove the soapy water.

5. Dry the Cushions

Lastly, either place the cushions in the sun to dry or use a hair dryer on low, cool air to complete the drying process.

If you have any questions regarding the cleaner you have purchased, please stop by our showroom or give us a call.

When you buy our high quality outdoor furniture, we ensure you are properly educated on how to maintain the life of your investment.