luxury patio furnitureLong gone are the days of lush, green lawns maintaining year round in Southern California with little to no effort.

With the latest drought, has come a deeper awareness of what we all can do to conserve our water and contribute to the solution, rather than adding to the problem.

One of the best ways we can help conserve our water is to cut back on how long and how often we water our lawns.

While the water restrictions are great guides, there is a way to use even less water while also enhancing the beauty of your yard.

The solution is hardscaping.

Hardscaping is a concept many people in drought ridden climates have embraced for years now and has recently made its way to us.

 It involves using permanent landscape features such as stones, bricks, or concrete to create walls, patios, sidewalks, fire pits and many others structures that minimize the amount of sod used in yards, while enhancing the home’s beauty.

An added benefit of hardscaping is the increased living space you can create. By simply making a patio, for instance, you can easily create an additional place to grill, relax, chat and break bread with loved ones.

Adding our luxurious furniture to a beautifully hardscaped yard will not only allow you to open your home up to new hosting and gathering opportunities, it will greatly increase the usable space and thus the value of your home.

Here are 20 beautiful pictures showing how hardscaping and beautiful patio furniture can transform your yard.

Creating the perfect outdoor living space can feel overwhelming to many. While you may want to create the perfect backyard, you may not know where to begin. Let us help you.

We have a design service specifically dedicated to taking your desires and ideas and bringing them to life. Our home designer has over 15 years’ experience. She will sit down with you and together you will design the perfect space to accent your home using the natural layout of your yard and your budget.

Let us help you turn your dream backyard into a reality.