luxury outdoor patio furnitureLiving in Southern California allows us to spend virtually all year outdoors.

By expanding your home to include a functional backyard entertaining space is an excellent way to increase your home’s value and allows you the space you need to have fun gatherings for events, holidays and just casual gatherings.

There are three main attributes we suggest you focus on when creating the perfect outdoor area.

1. Quality Outdoor Patio Furniture

Investing in patio furniture that will last and maintain its beauty and integrity is a must.

Often people are unaware of the vast difference in how various brands construct their furniture. Unless you are buying outdoor patio furniture specifically created to withstand the elements, you will find yourself frequently replacing it. Many outdoor patio furniture companies purposefully try to create furniture with the smallest investment possible.

By spending money to purchase quality furniture, you will ensure your furniture is not only beautifully constructed, but will last for years to come.

2. Cool Outdoor Lighting

There are many ways to illuminate your outdoor living space.

When you focus on properly lighting your backyard, you will be able to use it to host parties year round and all hours of the day. You won’t be limited by daylight and constrained by the time of year.

There are many ways to accomplish this: hanging lights, lights in trees, pathway lighting, a fire pit.

Here is an article we wrote on some of the coolest ideas we’ve found.

We suggest you get creative and take your time to find the perfect lighting to fit your style.

3. Your Pathways

Not only will pathways allow you to navigate your outdoor space comfortably, but they can add to the cool look of your area.

Whether you choose to create your pathway using stones or cement, we recommend you take the time to carefully plan out your space and utilize our design services.

We will come to you and help you create the perfect outdoor area to meet your needs. From the best patio furniture to the lighting that compliments your design, we want to be your go to resource for your outdoor patio needs.