Thanksgiving is supposed to be the one day a year when we gather all of the important people in our life together in one place to eat, drink and be merry.

Often, while the idea of hosting Thanksgiving seems really exciting, our small home and limited seating keep us from every offering to do it.

Thanksgiving is one of the holidays that can make your home seem small and cramped. Often people must choose carefully who to invite and are unable to include everyone they want. They then must gather chairs from around the house, dust cobwebs off of their folding chairs and open up flimsy card tables in hallways to accommodate everyone.

The thought of trying to fit all of these people into your small space can seem embarrassing and impossible. So, although you would love to host, you don’t.

We have a simple solution to help you expand your home, host more gatherings and bring your friends and family to you.

One of the best ways to make your Los Angeles home the place where people want to congregate is by expanding it.

How? You ask.

By hosting your Thanksgiving dinner outdoors.

Living in Los Angeles affords us beautiful weather year round and by buying outdoor patio furniture, you can host large gatherings, actually invite everyone you have always wanted to and take advantage of the amazing climate.

This one time investment in our quality furniture will continue to allow you to host parties, plan impromptu get togethers and make your small home seem large and lively.

Our selection of patio furniture will accent your home, expand your living space and allow you to become the house to visit.

We sell patio furniture specially designed to withstand the Los Angeles heat, rain and sunshine.

You will only find the highest quality furniture and we will even send a designer out to your home to assist you in picking the best pieces for your space.

Don’t miss the opportunity to host even one more gathering, come by our storeroom today and let us help you expand your home and host the Thanksgiving dinner of the ages!