wood sealant on patio furnitureAll of our wooden furniture is made with one of the finest woods in the world, teak.

Teak is a naturally oily wood and thus cannot be painted or varnished. When paints or varnishes are applied, the oil in the wood will eventually cause the covering to peel away.

As teak naturally ages, it changes color to a soft, silver-gray and as it is exposed to water the natural grain will rise slightly.

Buffed teak and natural teak differ slightly in the amount of raised grain you can expect to see, but both will have raised grain.

We highly recommend you allow you teak furniture to age naturally and simply give each piece of furniture a thorough cleaning once or twice a year.

Buffed teak can also be lightly sanded to remove any raised grain and maintain the smooth finish.

When cleaning your teak furniture, always hand wash. Do not use power washing, as the wood is a soft wood and the grain can be damaged with such pressure.

If you want your teak furniture to retain its golden-brown color, we recommend you use our Teak Sealer. By applying the sealer, you are not effecting the longevity of the furniture, merely maintaining the color.

Your teak furniture will last for years and years to come whether you apply the sealer or not. It is solely used to maintain the original color.

If you choose to use the Teak Sealer, we recommend you reapply it twice a year to ensure continued protection.

If your goal is to protect your teak from stains such as food, wine, coffee or bird droppings while allowing the natural color change to occur, we recommend you use our Teak Protector. Our Teak Protector creates an invisible barrier that keeps anything from penetrating into the woodgrain, creating stains. It also keeps moisture out, which is very important in raining climates.

When you come into our showroom to take a look at our beautiful collections, we will spend time showing you our natural and buffed teak, as well as explain the application process for both the Teak Sealer and Teak Protector.

We understand the importance of helping you find the perfect furniture to create the outdoor patio of your dreams. Stop by and speak to us about your ideas and we’ll help you find the collection that is perfect for you.