outdoor artworkThese are three cool out-of-the-box ways you can add artwork and brighten to your outdoor space.

1. A Beautiful Butterfly Garden

There are a number of different types of gardens you can add, but one that we suggest, as residents of sunny Southern California is a butterfly garden. Not only will the butterfly garden and beautifully colorful, aromatic flowers, but the butterflies it will attract will add another layer of color and life to your space.

You can accent this garden with creating the boarder using colorfully painted stones.

2. A Colorful Art Sculpture

Outdoor art sculptures are quickly becoming great additions to many modern outdoor patios.

They can be made of found materials, such as twisted metal or glass bottles or more natural materials such as wood and manicured shrubs.

Some people create a bottle tree using either a plank of wood stuck into the ground and then hammering nails into the wood and decorating it with colorful bright bottles or by planting and actual tree and placing the bottles on the limbs.

Any sort of sculpture made of materials that are able to withstand the weather and will bring extra color and design to your garden are great additions.

3. Rich, Bold Outdoor Patio Furniture that Fits Your Personality

Our outdoor patio is a work of art in and of itself.

We have a number of collections to fit your taste.

From classically elegant smooth wood lines to modern, electro-plated stainless steel, we have your style.

Once you choose patio furniture we suggest you add in colorful artistic throw pillows that best represent the look and the feel that you are going for. We have a designer on hand to come to you and help you choose the design series that is right for you.

With the combination of your beautiful butterfly garden, your bright art sculpture and your new patio furniture, you will have an outdoor work of art in your very own backyard.