dansk patio furniture side tableA lot of factors go into purchasing a new patio furniture set. One thing high on your list of criteria is likely durability. You want a set that will be on your patio for years to come. Here are some of your best options when considering long-lasting material for patio furniture.


A sturdy, durable material, steel will last for years. It’s stylish and versatile, coming in a multitude of contemporary or vintage designs. You will want to make sure you rust-proof a steel patio furniture set though, if it is not stainless steel. Otherwise, it’s one of the most cost-effective, yet long-lasting solutions for durable patio furniture.


Unlike steel, wood doesn’t absorb heat. Although on the more expensive side, wood is a solid, long-lasting material. Because it’s incredibly easy to build compared to metal, wood patio sets can come in a huge array of different designs and styles. With the right stain and treatment, it can resist weather and bugs, too. Paint is not recommended, unless you plan on recoating it each year.


The most durable material you can get, iron is the heavyweight champ of patio furniture material. While it does last forever, iron is very heavy and will need a coat of rust protectant every year or so. It will cost you, but all things considered, iron is a beautiful and incredibly solid solution for your patio furniture needs.