wood patio furnitureWith Southern California’s dry climate, you may wonder if wood patio furniture is right for you. We’ve got the lowdown on the most popular types of wooden outdoor furniture and how to care for them in the blazing heat.


Let’s start with the exception to the rule. Furniture made out of cedar will not only last for years in a hot, dry climate--it will thrive in it. In fact, cedar needs to be in the sunlight to avoid rotting. Some people like the natural look and color of cedar, while others prefer to paint or stain the wood for more stylistic control. There is no right or wrong route to go. Regardless of what you choose, a preservative, like cedar oil, is recommended seasonally to help protect the wood.


You’ll need to put in a little more care if you go with acacia. While it can make a beautiful, rustic wood furniture set for indoors or outdoors, it will need to be protected more in a dry, outdoor environment. Your local home improvement store has a variety of sealers and oils to choose from that will keep your furniture moisturized in the dry heat. Additionally, it’s a good idea to cover acacia wood furniture during heavy rain periods to avoid damage.


A popular option for wood patio furniture, teak is a beautiful and durable choice. You can select a set that is either treated or untreated, depending on your style (some people prefer the grey-ish, rough untreated look). If you do treat the wood, you will need to oil the furniture down every 3 months, at least, to keep it protected. Tung oil or linseed oil are the most popular methods of oiling.

All in all, your choice of patio furniture is about design, durability, and comfortability. If wood patio furniture speaks to you, listen! Just be prepared to give a good maintenance cleaning every month and treat/preserve the wood as necessary.