Teak patio furniture can be a bit more expensive than other forms of outdoor furnishings. In an age of economic difficulties and trying to save a dollar or two, why would you want to buy pricier when there are other dirt cheap options on the market? There are many reasons why quality should not fall out of style despite less room in the budget. If you can live life by looking at the big picture instead of paycheck to paycheck, you might find that teak is a more reasonable and affordable choice after all. Consider these reasons why teak still beats out the competition:

Next to Zero Upkeep

No matter where you keep your teak patio furniture—outdoors or in some kind of covered environment—the elements are rarely if ever a factor when it comes to upholding quality. The wood does not require additional treatment throughout its lifespan, and the sturdy nature of the material means that you will not have to wear a path between your home and the furniture repair shop just to enjoy all of its many benefits and qualities.


While you may be able to pick up a set from a big box retailer, the chances of you getting the same amount of use out of your selections as teak patio furniture are slim and none. Those purchasing teak are usually able to get use out of it for 10 or more years, making the annual cost of ownership a fraction per year of what those other choices would cost you. But how long this style of furniture lasts depends largely on the source of the materials. Make sure you are buying from a dealer, who uses 100 percent authentic teak, and who is well stocked in all the premium brands that are on the market.

Comfort and Beauty

Teak patio furniture is still popular in spite of the economic downturn because it is beautiful. Expert craftsmanship from all natural materials may be stained in a variety of colors and equipped with as little or as much “cushiness” as you like. The comfort level plays well with its captivating cosmetic appearance making it the first and only choice for all your outdoor furnishing needs.