That question will be answered as you research the information contained in this post and the upcoming weekly posts. This post is provided as a guide in planning and selecting the best patio furnishings for your lifestyle, as well as the size of your outdoor living space. First, let us test your furnishing style:

How did you furnish your house?

  1. Did you go into a room, like the dining room, and say we need some furniture in here and then go out to buy a dining set with little regard to the size, color, and comfort level, how it was made, or how it coordinated with other colors and furniture within your house?
  2. Or did you just put the handed down set into the dining room?

The key point – there is a significant difference between just furnishing versus planning, designing and decorating. If you are not interested in your interior design, then you are not interested in doing the patio right the first time. Unless you are one of the few that realize outdoor furnishings will be seen a lot more than inside not to mention it is a reflection of your taste, style and decorating abilities.

If you are interested in design and decorating, then this guide will help you, if you have the time. If you don’t have the time, send us an email including:

  • answers to the key questions below
  • pictures of your patio area as well as a few of your interior

We will give you a free design recommendation.
A few key questions to help develop your plan:

  1. What do you want to accomplish with your furniture and accessories?
    • Improved leisure time & lifestyle?
    • Increased entertaining area?
    • Exterior decorating?
  2. How often will you be enjoying your furniture?
    • Daily?
    • Weekends?
    • Special occasions only?
  3. How will you use your outdoor spaces?
    • Dining?
    • Conversational seating?
    • Sunbathing? Relaxing? Reading? Other?
  4. How many people will be sharing your outdoor furniture?
    • Normal family use?
    • While entertaining?
  5. Is your patio furniture visible from inside?
    If so, what colors are you using in the interior? (we want to harmonize the color scheme from one side of the window to the other.)
  6. Is the area for the furniture exposed to:
    • Strong wind?
    • Full sun?
    • Sprinklers?
    • Salt?
  7. Describe the type of surface on which the furniture will be placed.
  8. Will the furniture be used near a pool or spa?
  9. The dimensions of the spaces. Covered or partially covered?
  10. Maximum dollar amount you plan to spend on patio furnishings?
  11. Should I do this in stages? or all at once?
  12. 1What are the important selection factors?
  13. The above questions are very basic, but most shoppers have not properly answered them. Many have only thought about a few, if any. Why not? One reason is, most have very little experience in buying patio furniture and very limited knowledge. Without a plan and product knowledge, how are you going to make good buying decisions? You must know your objectives! You must have a plan if you are going to do it right the first time. Once you have a plan, then you can start reviewing product options.