luxury patio furnitureThe sunshine filled days of Malibu last year round, which also makes a beach day a year round possibility. After spending a long afternoon in the sand a person can be caught in the middle, one part of them sun-tired and ready to relax while the other part is high on nature and wants to continue to be outside. Luxury backyard furniture can solve this problem of the torn individual, having a well decorated back yard provides the most inviting haven for quiet time alone or with loved ones after hitting the shore.

1. Over Sized Seating Comfort

The new craze in patio furniture is to have seating that is deep and even oversized in chaise lounges, patio chairs and even love seats. These seats are described as oversized due to their longer and wider seating areas. It’s the perfect addition to a backyard if coming back from a sun draining trip to the ocean as it allows anyone of any size to sit in a multitude of ways, and even lay down putting feet up on an ottoman. Sinking into a comfortable chair after body surfing, laying out in the sand or playing volleyball is the perfect remedy to the tired muscles that always follow a beach day. Deep seating chairs provide the ultimate in entertaining and there some options that come with a UV resistant feature, a must in Malibu and other California towns.

2.  Look for the Color Blue in Accents and Main Pieces

Blue is a color to watch for in 2013 indoor home decorating and that should not change when decorating an outdoor living space. True blue with no hints of green is becoming more and more prevalent in home design and decorating photo shoots. Not only is the upcoming popularity of blue a reason to use it to decorate a backyard sanctuary but the tone is relaxing and calming to the senses. One of the most enchanting parts of being at the beach is watching the big blue ocean and there is no better way to transition from beach to yard than to continue relishing in the big blue. Using blue accents such as tea trays or coffee tables work beautifully but the best recommendation is to find furniture with blue cushions for a wonderfully serene paradise in which to relax. 


3.  Keeping it Shady is a Good Thing!

A retreat from the beach should also be a retreat from the sun, creating shady spots in a back yard ensures that all guests and hosts will have the most comfortable experience on a deck or in a yard. Building a patio cover is an extreme approach but wonderful, another option is to utilize a trellis or even canvas umbrellas to help make a backyard into a retreat from the beach. These shade devices not only promote comfort they can also protect furniture that is not UV resistant like some other more luxury models.


4. Modular Seating Allows for Ultimate Flexible Space

Generally the best choice after soaking up rays in the sand is to enjoy the sunset over the ocean, and there is no better place to do so than in the comfort and safety of a well decorated yard. Modular seating is wonderful not only for it’s sleek design but for its ability to be constantly rearranged. In the case of a sunset sometimes it is necessary to shift seating around and shape it to the company or the view, modular seating makes this process quick, easy and stylish. The amount of configurations in some modular sets are innumerable, making a back yard new to the owner whenever they desire. These hip outdoor furniture sets are not only charming but are made in an all weather resistant wicker that is perfect for the hot Malibu sun. Look for seating that is both modular and oversized for the perfect combination in sophistication and convenience.



            End every day at the beach with an evening of comfort and class in a backyard oasis using only these four simple decorating tips. A backyard should be just as comfortable as the inside of a home, and these tips definitely support that ideal.