colors and patterns patio furnitureDo you want to add some color and spruce up your patio furniture? Are you trying to modernize your home’s look and feel?

Adding color and patterns are an excellent way to add some fun to your patio’s look.

However, for many the thought of mixing and matching colors and patterns is frightening and overwhelming.

Here are 5 simple ways to mix and match patterns in your patio furniture décor.

1. Determine what color palette you love most.

One of the major challenges people face is in determining which colors and patterns go nicely together or complement one another and which ones clash.

Before you get wrapped up in deciding what matches and what clashes, simply decide on a color palette you love.

Do you prefer warmer colors or cooler colors? There are warm and cool variations of every color, so first determine whether warm or cool colors will be your focus. Then choose two main colors and two accent colors to give it a pop.

2. Combine white plus another colored pattern for easy matching

One of the easiest ways to accent is to start with white as your base color and add a color you like. Then choose patterns that contain that color.

Adding 2 or three patterns with the same color scheme is fine. Choose from polka dots to chevron to stripes and even bold prints. Just be sure the look is not overwhelming to your eyes. Having white as you main color will help this from happening.

3. Let neutral colors become your base when using large prints.

Bold or large prints can create awesome accents without being overwhelming. The trick is to pair your bright, bold patterns and designs with neutral colors.

Starting off with a neutral color on the flooring or deck is a great way to ensure the patterns aren’t too much.

Then add layers of bold colors and patterns with a rug, a piece of furniture, art, and throw pillows.

It is usually a good idea to keep the larger furniture more neutral so the bold patterns aren’t too much.

4. Use a variety of scales

Big patterns and smaller patterns can look great together as long as you stay in the same color palette. As long as the colors are in the same color family, you can intermingle the two.

Big accent pieces like your gazebo covering and outdoor rugs tend to look better with larger patterns. Then incorporate the smaller patterns on smaller pieces like accent pillows and smaller pieces of art.

5. Bold colors and prints are your friend.

Lastly, just remember that bold is beautiful and can bring a lot of life and a modern look to your patio.

Jewel tones such as burgundy, garnet, or aquamarine are a few of the colors that work well as bold accent colors.

Couple these colors with a monochromatic design like a zebra print or polka dots and BAM you have a new modern look!

If this all still feels a bit overwhelming or intimidating, we offer an in-home design consultation. We love sending over our amazing and talented design consultant to help you create the modern, bright, bold patio of your dreams!