outdoor furniture los angelesLos Angeles is often referred to as the land of sunshine and in keeping with this theme it is important to find furniture for a backyard or deck that will withstand the sunshine while remaining sleek and comfortable. In following the trends of the year and taking durability and comfort in to account, this list is compiled of the best qualities to look for when creating an outdoor oasis for families or entertaining.

Something to always remember when purchasing furniture to accompany a pool or garden is that this furniture will be outside, and in Los Angeles that means that it must be able to have the sun beating down on it 365 days a year and still be just as comfortable and attractive as the day it was bought. Luxury backyard chairs and tables are an investment and in treating them as such the best components to spot in finding pieces would be canvas and wicker. Canvas is able to withstand spills, sun damage and other wear and tear while still appearing crisp, clean and inviting. Wicker, while semi out dated within a home, shines outdoors appearing rustic and quaint; woven woods are a go to staple in Southern California back yards because of their ultimate durability in all weather that is common to the area. If it is available always look for a UV resistant, all weather wicker for the best results in lasting and beautiful outdoor furniture.

Comfort is king, creating an inviting outdoor space is reliant on furniture choice. One very popular theme of the year in designer patio chairs, love seats and loungers is deep seating. Many luxury brands have chosen to create a more encompassing seating area for max levels of comfort. These deeper options in chairs and recliners create a more welcoming area place to sit and read a book while sipping lemonade or for entertaining friends and family on a warm Saturday afternoon. The popularity of deep seating is no surprise since the enlarged cushions provide a coziness that is unmatchable in other pieces. Deep seating is offered in an array of styles but the favorite is modular, allowing the owner to re arrange the furniture and create a whole new setting as per their party or even their mood. In keeping with the durability theme above, these plush pieces can also be found in wicker and built for year round use, perfect for any Los Angeles back yard.

The favorite trend in outdoor furniture this year is also a timeless classic that will remain popular for the ages due to its convenience and modern advancements. There are many reclining chairs in the patio furniture market however the newer, more high end outdoor companies are creating reclining chairs in many formats other than the familiar chaise lounge. There have been new moveable trends in deck and backyard furniture seen in swivel chairs to rocking chairs, but by far the most must-have movement amenity is reclining. A reclining arm chair is the perfect addition to any outdoor patio set because it allows for the ultimate in relaxation; it is perfect for any sunny afternoon alone with a book or while entertaining because it provides an extra level of coziness that is usually not seen in furniture of the outdoor variety.

There are some very key factors that must be taken into account before making the big purchase of an extravagant outdoor furniture set for a patio or even poolside. Always be searching for durability, comfort and modernity when shopping and any outdoor area can be transformed into a personalized sanctuary.