luxury patio furnitureThough it costs more, luxury patio furniture is higher quality and lasts longer compared to buying new cheaper furniture every couple of years.

Just like cars, furniture is not all created equal.

Most people agree that when looking to purchase a new car, the make or brand of the car is extremely important.

Although you can expect to pay a higher price for those high end brands, you know you are buying a well built, reliable, quality vehicle. You know your investment will last and the car will not only retain its value much longer, but it will provide you with a comfortable, safe driving experience.

For most people, it completely makes sense to pay extra for the car because of the fine attention to craftsmanship they know goes into those vehicles.

Quality luxury furniture, like ours, is constructed very differently than the lower end brands you can find at your nearest big box store.

We sell only the finest outdoor patio furniture designed to withstand the Southern California climate.

Our Gloster outdoor furniture is all created by hand. They use only the very best materials and techniques available and are constantly striving to improve based on the latest research available.

Each beveled edge, rounded corner and sewn cushion is made by an individual who has been specially trained by the Gloster family.

From the materials chosen to the dye methods used, our Gloster collections are designed with quality and longevity in mind.

Gloster cares so deeply about the quality of their materials that they actually grow their own wood. They hand pick each piece of wood and discard those that do not meet their high standards.

Their woven pieces are all hand woven to ensure the perfect look and feel of each chair, table and couch.

They have created their own specially formulated dye and protectorate methods to protect their cushions from wind, rain, UV rays and spills and oils.

Unlike most other furniture companies who often focus on creating their products as quickly and inexpensively as possible, Gloster’s goal is solely on creating true works of art that will last for years to come and retain its beauty and luster.

When asked to describe themselves, Gloster furniture states, “We are furniture makers whose sole focus is to design and build the world’s finest outdoor furniture”.

While their mission seems a bit lofty, as one of a select few online sellers of Gloster furniture, we can attest to their claim.

Stop on by our showroom to see these works of art yourself!