Wicker patio furniture is a bit of a summer and spring time tradition, so to think that there are uses for it you may not have thought of induces skepticism. After all, what more can you do than watch the kids, read a book, or entertain guests? Since this type of furniture lasts for decades, you can probably think of a million uses in your time of ownership. But if you need a little help getting started, here are some ideas that you may wish to consider:

Music Rehearsal

Always wanted to learn how to play an instrument, but suffered from lack of time and location? Wicker patio furniture can help you overcome this by giving you a quiet place to retire where you can practice guitar, harmonica, or any instrument of your choice, all from the comfort of your outdoor balcony, patio, or backyard. The comfort of wicker allows you to take all the time that you need, and to be at your most relaxed and comfortable for learning music or chords. Best of all you won’t be disturbing anyone else in the house if you’re not all that great—but maybe a few neighbors!

Back Therapy

As you get older, you age. Your body gets a few creaks and groans along the way. Your back can become especially susceptible if you do not have the right furniture or bedding for support. Wicker patio furniture can help you answer this call with material that is strong enough for support but comfortable enough that it will not wear on your bones no matter how long it is in use. Consider sitting next to an outdoor outlet and attaching a vibrating back massager for extra comfort and relief.

Saving for Retirement

How could a piece of furniture help you save for retirement? Consider the costs that you dole out over time for patio and other furniture that is subpar and breaks down after only a couple of years of use. Wicker patio furniture has been known to last decades allowing you to take that money you’d be spending on furniture and apply it to your savings accounts.

With just three great uses presented here, it’s almost a certainty that some were left out. What are some uncommon uses for your wicker patio furniture?