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Victory Furniture - Santa Monica

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Santa Monica, CA 90404

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Victory Furniture Santa MonicaVictory Furniture is proud to be your premier source for luxury outdoor furniture.

With over six decades of experience helping customers beautify their outside spaces, it’s easy to see why we’re the leaders in the Santa Monica outdoor furniture industry.

From wicker and teak to stainless steel, our pieces feature a vast array of high-end materials. Because we only carry the very best pieces from the country’s leading manufacturers, our furniture is unmatched in craftsmanship and quality.

Whether you’re looking for traditional or contemporary, our range of collections allows us to compliment every preference. Our deep seating, dining, and lounging options are the perfect way to add elegance to your outdoor space while paying tribute to your personal style.

We welcome you to visit our Santa Monica showroom, where you’ll be met with excellent customer service and the very best in design.